Whirlpoolbad controllers - WPC03xx

  • Variable speed control for blower max. 1,2 KW
  • Hydropomp max. 2 KW
  • Seperate pulsation for blower and hydropump
  • RGB LED Color lighting
  • Touch Sensitive control
  • Hydro heating
  • Automatic rinse function
  • Disinfection system
  • Dry-run protection
  • Automatic dry function
  • Auto stop timer
  • PC Service connection for settings and diagnostics

4 Kilowatt High Voltage Generator


We were asked to design custom electronics for a high voltage generator. This generator is able to produce on an output of 40 Kilovolt with a power of 4 Kilowatt!

The IGBTs at the powerstage are controlled with nanosecond accuracy in order to remain efficiency. A glass fiber cable is used to control the generator using a pc or laptop.

Graphical LCD control


This a turnkey solution for a steam and shower cabin.

With this panel the user can control shower and steam functions like waterfall shower or rain shower. With an additional audio module, it's possible to tune in on FM stations or play music from your iPOD.

With EazyColor LED lighting and aroma therapy, your showering experience is complete!

Digital Height Rod DGI-250D


Nooteboom Elektronica has developed the electronics for this medical instrument.

The heart of the elektronics consists of a microcontroller measuring optic pulses while moving the rod. This method guarantees a resulution of less than one millimetre.

RS-232 communication transfers the data to a database on the doctors PC.

EVR plus lighting modules


Nooteboom Elektronica has designed the EVR-plus system.

Using interconnectable modules the electrician is able to easily install a completely configurable lighting system within a small amount of time. Optional gear include remote control, Passive Infrared detection and a central controlling unit. This modular system controls the lighting and blinds and shades inside buildings like Belastingkantoor Apeldoorn, FiftyTwoDegrees Nijmegen, Shell SIEP Rijswijk and Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid Hilversum.

Golfball dispencer


Nooteboom Elektronica has designed a golfball dispencer for Vink Elst.

This dispencer is an unique system and does not only dispence golfballs but also stores en cleans the driving range golfballs.

This patented machine is sold to several golfcourse companies throughout the Netherlands.